Developing A Team

High Performance teams have leaders that provide a clear sense of purpose, while focusing on building an environment where members are empowered, motivated and challenged, and where individuals feel their strengths are being capitalized on. Successful Teams always finds ways to improve their KPI’s, which puts them above the rest.

Leadership’s Role In Retention

Leaders who understand their role in the organization greatly impact team morale and retention. Learn ways and practical tips to connect, motivate and drive employees achieve employee satisfaction in the workplace by gaining a greater understanding of the leader’s role in the organization.

Leading Change

This program is designed for senior managers, managers and other personnel who are currently responsible for managing change within their organization. This covers fundamentals required to manage the process of change, so that it is as smooth and effective as possible.

Sales Coaching For Supervisors

Most sales training programs have a very short-term effect on performance because new skills and capabilities are not consistently applied and reinforced. Training for front line staff should ideally be accompanied by ongoing sales coaching in order to achieve consistent sales results. This program will provide the needed skills and techniques to help supervisors guide and direct behaviors to maximize sales success.

Train The Trainer: Design To Delivery

This program is intended for people new to training, or those without any formal knowledge about the design and delivery of training program. The course content focuses on the professional delivery of training to small groups in the workplace, rather than on one-to-one training skills. This will also prove valuable to In-Company trainers wanting to improve and update their training skills.