Exceptional Customer Service

The key to maintaining customer loyalty is to strive to offer exceptional customer service with a “Heart”, which in return will result in more business. This course is essential for all representatives that have face-to-face or daily contact with customers because everyone in your company has the chance to make a positive 'First Impression.

Foundation Skills And Communication Skills

We provide new recruits with baseline knowledge on enhancing their language skills through targeted areas such as Business English and Soft Skills review. We blend foundational training with vertical specific knowledge: financial services, customer service, sales and tech support. We prepare representatives with an understanding of their role and with practical techniques that make hitting performance levels quicker and less resource intensive.

Culture Sensitivity

Business Culture is ever changing and evolving and with that a global approach with an understanding of Business Ethics in various cultures can make or break business around the world. In this course, we will cover practical tips, dos and don’ts in the workplace, client meetings, through case studies in the Middle East.

Team Building

Team Building activities and workshops that is fit to your organizational need. Having a strong team benefits any organization and will lead to greater success and employee satisfaction. The TP workshops and Team Building seminars encourages team work and inspiration.